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Filing a Complaint at Consumer Court Chandigarh

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Trade and commerce is growing day by day. Different types of products, services and technologies are introduced in the market on a day to day basis. Due to this, most of the manufactures and companies are ensuring to understand and meet the demands of the customers to sustain in the market. However, there will be situations where a customer is mistreated or harassed by a company or dealer. In such cases, the customer can take action. He or she will be able to file a case and obtain the right compensation even in case of low quality or quantity. Filing a complaint at Consumer Court Chandigarh has become quite simple and hassle free these days. Initially, customers had to personally visit the Consumer Court and file the complaint. On the other hand, he or she had to visit the court on the given date to follow up with the case. However, internet technology has changed everything. Today, with the help of Online Consumer Forums, you will be able to file a case from your comfort zone. Continue reading