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How to Raise a Complaint in Consumer Court in India

Consumer Court is a strong legal body formed to protect the real rights of the consumers. It also ensures fair business practices and deals. However, still a great percentage of customers do not know their real rights and powers. And many who know about the rights are scared to approach the legal system. However, things have changed now. The digital age has made everything possible and hassle free. All you have to do is to know about your rights as a consumer and the proceeding you have to follow for fighting for your rights. Basically, there are different types of Consumer Courts operating to deal with the grievances and issues of the customers. These are National Level Consumer Court (NCDRC), State Level Consumer Court (SCDRC) and District Level Consumer Court (DCDRF). The customers have to approach these legal bodies based on the amount of claim and the type of case they are dealing with.

Understanding more about the Consumer and their Rights:

Consumer is a person who deals with a company or service provider by purchasing their goods or services. The consumer can make the payments fully or partially. However, once the first payment is made, he or she is considered as an existing customer of a company or service provider. On the other hand, the customers also have an option to make a decision to purchase or not to purchase an item or service from a store or company. Basically, there are different types of rights provided for the customers.

If any of the above mentioned rights are violated by a company or service provider, the consumer have all the rights to file a case and obtain the right compensation for the mental or physical problems they have faced. Initially, filing a case was quite a complex task. The customer had to approach the respected court and spend time to file and follow up with the case. However, things have become quite simple and hassle free with the options available online.

Fight for your Consumer Rights on your Finger Tips:

With the help of the internet technology, filing a complaint has become quite simple and hassle free. We are one of the top consumer forums assisting the customers to file a case from their comfort zone. You will be able to file a case through our site just with a letter. However, it is also important for you to provide the necessary documents that can support the case. Document can be anything such as bills, invoice no, warranty card or other documents that shows you have done business with the particular company. The document should specify the date and amount of the purchase. If you have the necessary documents in hand, filing a case in the consumer court takes only few minutes. You can also visit our online consumer forum anytime to follow up with the case.

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  1. saud tambe cheated me for INR7308. They promised to deliver the fridge and never did. I need to write a complaint against them. The numbers are switched off and never reply on your email. 9136122311 – customer care number – Anirud // neha // nisha // rahul // nishant
    9136199974 – dispatch team
    9136902005 – minu // sales
    9136111971 – dispatch team

  2. sreejith

    A big fraud cheating many people.
    Way2online Retail Private Limited
    Syed Sajid,
    No 1-8-319/2,
    Patigadda Road,
    Hyderabad – 500016

  3. Vaibhav Gupta

    Hi All,

    Pls never take home loans or any other loans from Axis Bank, biggest cheat in loans sector. Just asking you advance cheques for processing fees and deducting the same without any information and processing of your application.
    I never received any file or loan account no. or any other communication from Axis Bank but they deduct the fees of Rs. 11,400/- without any processing and not even approving the loan amount where just need to transfer from one bank to the other.

    Even following up for my money since last 10 months but only word I received is they will refund and nothing else.

  4. tushar

    don’t take material from best deal TV
    I have taken Jens combo, it came with smaller size so i returned it by courier with free gift in it.I have confirmed after receiving the package when i call him for refund.after that i have called them for refund many times.every time they told me that i will receive the re fund within 7 days.mean time some calls they told me that they having some internal technical problem so they callback all cheque sent by them so getting delay. when i call on 16/2/16 nayana told me i will receive refund cheque within 7 days, It not received so i have called on4/3/16 then mr.sufiyan not answering properly and told me it take another 7days more,so i asked him to connect to nayana ,but he refused to do so by saying that nayan on leave and she came I called on5/3/16 then somebody taken the line then i asked for refund then they said they required 15more days ,so i asked to connect to nayana but they refused to do so and cut the phone,then i called again and again and asked for nayana ,every time pooja ,prashant told me they have not facility to transfer the call . this time prashant arise new problem and he said that they checked that they not received free gift watch in the packet so they are not refunding.

  5. Abitha

    Guys please don’t buy any product from naapptol . They are not giving the same what they have told in the add. Please don’t buy anything. We should stop such company which is cheating customers


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