WARNING! Plastic Rice from China – A Worldwide Problem.

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Fight and Eradicate Plastic Rice – A Growing Concern

Rice made of plastic is spreading across Asia. Yes, you read it right! These fake foods made in China have become a major health concern these days. Although the news has been circulating on social media sites, still a lot number of people are not aware of plastic rice the issues caused by it. According to the health experts, the synthetic rice can be deadly if consumed on a daily basis. It will also cause harm to digestive system. Therefore, it is important for you to know about these hazardous goods and avoid it in all possible means. In case, if you have already purchased plastic rice, you can fight against the seller or manufacturer online through Consumer Court. This is a great stand you can take to stop the spreading of fake foods and ensure health in your family and the whole community.

Image of Fake Chinese Rice

Plastic rice from china

Plastic rice is a serious threat in worldwide and some Chinese companies is responsible for this poisonous food.

The Origin of Fake Rice:

According to the study, plastic rice was originated in Taiyuan, Shaanxi Province, China. It is a very common place for resin, a sticky organic substance obtained from plants and trees. The fake grains are usually made using mixed potatoes and industrial synthetic resin. According to the experts, this fake rice can be very dangerous to health if consumed regularly. Researchers have also proved that Chinese companies are mass producing plastic rice. This cheap but profitable fake food is exported to different parts of the world and many Asian countries. Although the rice was initially sold in Chinese markets, now people fear it has found its way to other Asian countries. Therefore, it is important for you to take extra care and cautious to choose the right product for your family. When raw, it is very difficult to distinguish fake rice from the natural rice. However, below mentioned are some tips and information that can help you to avoid these hazardous goods.

Distinguish and Destroy Plastic Rice to Safeguard your Family:

As a smart and responsible consumer, it is important for you to take necessary actions to stop the spread of plastic rice.

Plastic rice identification: To make things worse, it is very hard to find any difference between fake and natural rice. Therefore, it is important for you to be very careful when choosing food products for your home. However, by cooking it as it remains, you will be able to know the difference. Plastic rice remains hard even when it is cooked. They are also very difficult to digest. The soup that occurs when you cook plastic rice will also form a plastic film. This film will burn when heated. Most of the times fake rice is sold in small shops, not large supermarkets. This makes it even hard to detect.

According to the experts, investigators are checking samples in small shops. Although, the spread of fake rice is not officially confirmed, the news is true. Therefore, the only way to find out and fight against plastic rice is to lodge a complaint as soon as experience the problem.

Chinese Authorities Dealing with Fake Rice Scandals:

Fake foods are one of the main food safety concerns of Chinese authorities. Although the Government has taken strict action, it will take some time to eliminate these hazardous good completely from the market. Until them, it is important for you to as a customer to take necessary steps to identify these fake food products and get rid of them. In case, if you have experienced the same problem with the food product you have purchased, filing a complaint at our online consumer court forum will help you to take necessary actions.

Watch how fake/plastic rice is made in China.

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