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Bitan Ghosh / west bengal / 2-June-2017
I have received wrong product and the amazon is denying the courier service as well.. If so then amazon has leaked my data and given it to a courier service.. I have ordered one pr...
akhileshs kumar / madhya pradesh / 5-April-2017
i place order to the company on 11 march 2017. order for ACTION SHOOS & Green Tea. at the time of order company shows delivery is at my place. but later company return my 'Green Te...
Anuj Kumar / delhi ncr / 21-March-2017
I have ordered white Converse shoes but they delivered wrong product i.e, used black converse shoes. i have complaint 9 to 10 times regarding the wrong product delivered(all proofs...
vipin / uttar pradesh / 1-March-2017
sir is indication in its own website that there is amazon pay balance like thing exist but in really it is also like amazon gift card. so is misuiding to their...
Raj radia / maharashtra / 28-February-2017
My self raj radia.
I purchased oppo f1s 64gb mobile. There was defolt product then I return it.

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Sanjana karaya / maharashtra / 19-February-2017
The company made false sales announcement of selling iPhone at 2000rs and asked users to forward a message and download a video to for 'human or robot' verification,created false h...
Himanshu Kumar Gupta / bihar / 19-February-2017
I refunded my item which I purchased. The item was defective. I updated my bank account details on Amazon but they transferred my money in Amazon pay balance as a gift card with on...
Shovan Lal Ghosh / west bengal / 16-February-2017

Respected Sir,
I purchased a mobile(Zte Q 301 C) from ‘’ on dated 17 May 2016 with one year warranty in his specification. Now a display problem has been show...
AMIT KUMAR / gujarat / 15-February-2017
Sir, I purchased a washing machine from in Diwali offer (26/10/2016). And Cashback should come in account at 31/01/2017. Till now I didn't receive any cash back in my acc...
Tushar Sontakke / maharashtra / 13-February-2017
I have purchased motog4 mobile from ordered on 31/1/2017 and was delivered to me on 4/2/2017 (#403-1658761-6536301)the moment I took my phone from box and plug...
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