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Complain against Samsung Electronics India

Leena Varghese / Kerala / *****

SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR LEAKING CHEMICALS INSIDE, CAUSE HEALTH PROBLEM I purchased a Samsung Refrigerator model RT27JARYESA/TL, serial No 038R4PAG102126, with top mounted Freezer and defrosting. From the day one it switch one, the insulation chemical leaking inside (both freezer and refrigerator) as white particles and covers the food keeping inside and even over the ice too. Consuming this chemical will cause very serious health problem to us. When I contacted the customer care of Samsung on February 21st, I was told since it is new, it will be there for a few months and after that it will stop. I wiped away all the white chemical particles as they instructed, but it didnt stop, it still leaks. Whenever I call the customer care, they tell it will stop its own and not registering the complaint. Finally, I contacted Bismi Appliances, Kaloor, from where I bought the refrigerator, to register the complaint. After repeat registering of complaint, a service engineer from Samsung service center (R-Logic Technology Service (I) Pvt. Ltd., Cochin, No.39/1639,Kanoos Tower Road, Kalathiparamba, Kerala, KOCHI -682016) visited our house and saw the problem and took the photographs to report. After that I called the R-Logic Technology regarding the issue, they told it is due to insect and they are not responsible for that. If it is insect get into the hardware part, it is due to the damaged insulation or poor quality material used for insulation. They used poor quality material/damaged material and charged me more for the refrigerator. From service center, I did not get any help. They are not taking any step to replace the refrigerator. Then, I wrote to Samsung CEO and also to customer support team. Both replied they will take action within 24 hours. I attached the copy of the mail received from CEO. Nothing did or nobody turned until now. Again, I called the customer care, one support supervisor talked to me and told they want to send the senior service engineer, but until now nobody came. We are not able to use the refrigerator until now. Not able to make ice or ice cream. Not able to keep any food inside. Simply electricity is consuming. It is become 1 month I registered the complaint, but no response until now. If I call the customer care, they will tell I will get a call, nobody call me, but next day evening I will get a message "Trust your problem solved." I want the refund of amount I paid since they did not do anything until now. They are waiting for the 1 year guarantee to over to refuse any service to me. Very poor quality refrigerator but the cost is very high, and we have to consume the chemical and to be in hospital.

Order/Invoice Number : 272480/02/02/2015
Price : 0
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